The Venetian origins.
A quality recognized everywhere.

The Tramarossa brand was born in 1967 at the hands of Urbano Chemello as a natural consequence of tailoring studies and the encounter with denim canvas.

In Tramarossa he transferred the new knowledge to make a jeans with sartorial details and only with denim. An avant-garde product, but one that does not meet the public’s favors. In fact, in those years, in fact, began the large-scale production of jeans with a casual look and sportswear.

In 2003 the sons of Chemello Urbano, Roberto, Paolo and Luigi, already producers and owners of other brands, dusted off the idea of tailored jeans and registered the brand Sartoria Tramarossa.

Thus begins the marketing of the product that through the evolutions of the different collections has become today a clear example of Italian excellence and great quality.

“We work every day
to realize
the most beautiful jeans in the world.”

Sartoria Tramarossa in each collection highlights the sartorial soul of the brand, the tradition of Made in Italy,the search for luxury in denim garments and its increasingly widespread presence in the international market.

Tramarossa jeans are born from the selection of increasingly sought-after fabrics (Egyptian cotton, denim with cashmere, Japanese cimosati, innovative hi-tech fibers), from the utmost care in every detail (accessories, washes, prints and treatments), from the characteristic packaging that enhances a unique vocation in the jeans pants market.

To all this we add innovation,such as patents for the customization of the garment. Sartoria Tramarossa, in fact, is the only denim signed with the initials of the wearer, The initials designed by Sartoria Tramarossa are small and precious metallic letters to apply and show on jeans. Now the external label is also customizable,the consumer will be able to choose from the many proposals of refined leathers, handcrafted, and change the label according to their own taste.