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Shopping on TRAMAROSSA.IT is quick and easy!

On the home page you will find the different sections of which the site is composed: Collection, Accessories, Gallery, About Us, Contact Us. Browse our site, get inspired and choose the products you want to buy. Simply click above the photo of the product you are interested in delving into to open the product sheet, where you will find a full description of the item. Here you will be able to review all the details of your product before placing it in your shopping cart. Once you have selected your desired size, simply click on “BUY” to begin your purchase process.

Once you have selected a product, you will always be able to view it within your shopping cart by clicking on the top right button ‘MY CART’. Through the drop-down cart you will be able to view or delete at any time all the products you added before proceeding with your purchase.

Entering the ” MY CART ” section will display a complete summary of the products you have chosen and you will again be offered the opportunity to modify your order. From here, you will be able to choose to continue shopping on the site by returning to the home page (CONTINUE PURCHASE) or to conclude your order by proceeding to the payment of the goods (PROCEED TO CHECKOUT).

On the site TRAMAROSSA.IT you can make purchases as a registered customer or as a guest.

We would like to remind you that registered users have the advantage of being constantly informed about new offers and being able to make new purchases by simply entering their login and password: the system, in fact, stores the data entered at the time of registration (shipping address, phone numbers, e-mail, etc…) without the need to re-enter them again for each order.

Remember, however, to verify the correctness of these data before proceeding with the purchase.

To make your order valid, follow all the steps in the “CHECK-OUT” section, remembering to complete all the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk.

If you have any problems with entering your order, please contact us by emailing [email protected]

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