Terms and Conditions of Sale

TRAMAROSSA.IT is the only website authorized for the sale of official products of the brand ” TRAMAROSSA”.

Therefore, all products for sale are original and purchased directly from the manufacturer. The company TRAMAROSSA srl through the website TRAMAROSSA.IT is an official reseller of all products and brands on this site. The products sold are, therefore, carefully selected according to strict quality control standards. TRAMAROSSA.IT on this site offers its customers the opportunity to purchase only items already in stock. There is no provision for the customer to order items that are not already in stock. Therefore, the order that contains an item that has become in the meantime, even by mere error, unavailable is to be considered void for impossibility of performance. The receipt by the company TRAMAROSSA srl through the website TRAMAROSSA.IT of the Order, transmitted by the Customer by telematic transmission, determines the conclusion of the Contract. With the conclusion of the Contract, the company TRAMAROSSA srl through the website TRAMAROSSA.IT undertakes to provide the customer with the products ordered, under the terms and with the limitations provided for in these Conditions, without prejudice to the right not to process orders in respect of persons who do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency or who do not fall into the above-mentioned category of “final consumer” or that, for any reason, the product ordered is not available for sale. By placing the Order, all the provisions contained in these Conditions are accepted unconditionally and the Customer undertakes to observe them in his dealings with the company TRAMAROSSA srl through the website TRAMAROSSA.IT. By placing the Order, therefore, the Customer declares that he has read and knows these conditions and manifests his total and unconditional acceptance of them, as well as of the further information contained in the web pages of the site referred to herein and/or linked.

1 – Payment Information

1.1 Forms of Payment The purchased item must be paid at the same time as the purchase transaction closes, by credit card with Paypal.

Credit Card We remind our new customers that your first order must necessarily receive verification from the bank that issued your credit card. Our bank will therefore contact your bank so that your details can be confirmed by it before we can proceed with shipping. This verification may cause a delay in the shipment of your first order. By purchasing on this site, the Customer’s financial information (such as credit card number, expiration date and personal details) will come directly to the Bank in charge of the payment transaction via encrypted protocol. Neither the company TRAMAROSSA srl, nor any other party, will ever have access to it in any way.

Pay Pal Using PayPal is simple. With PayPal, you do not have to enter financial information with each purchase, nor do you have to share personal information. To send a payment with PayPal, simply open an account, confirm the email, and associate a payment method with your PayPal account.

2 – About Import Fees 2.1 Import Fees According to the domestic regulations of each state, shipments with a destination in a country outside the European Union are subject to import fees (DDU – Delivery Duties Unpaid). Payment of these import taxes (DDUs) are the sole responsibility and liability of the end customer. Product prices published on the TRAMAROSSA.IT website reflect the actual sale price of the goods and DO NOT include import taxes (based on the domestic regulations of each state). Prices include VAT.

3 – Shipping information 3.1 Shipping costs – Italy Shipments to Italy are made by courier. Shipping costs can be calculated through the appropriate form on the page about payment and order conclusion. Shipping times depend on the geographical place of destination of the goods. Generally, all shipments to Italy arrive within 24/48 hours from the day the shipment was made (excluding holidays). In contrast, delivery times for Europe are between 48 and 72 hours from the date of shipment (excluding holidays). For shipments outside Europe, delivery is generally between 2 and 6 business days from the date of shipment. Orders received over the weekend (from Friday evening through Sunday night) will be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday. However, delivery times are approximate and not binding.

3.2 Shipping Costs – Overseas Overseas shipments are made by courier service. As required by the laws governing commerce, all TRAMAROSSA srl shipments made through the TRAMAROSSA.IT website are accompanied by an official invoice stating the value of the individual items in Euro. For items on sale, the invoice states the discounted amounts.

3.3 Shipping date Orders are shipped by the company TRAMAROSSA srl through the website TRAMAROSSA.IT from Monday to Friday with the hours 08:30 -14:00, excluding holidays. Orders placed during the weekend will be processed starting the following Monday morning.

3.4 Available items: immediate shipment Orders are shipped on the first working day following the day on which the order was placed, subject to confirmation of the availability of the goods and verification of your bank details. We would like to remind our customers that the order must receive a final verification from the bank, which means that the bank related to our practice will attempt to contact your bank so that your details can be confirmed and shipment can then proceed. Such verification may cause some delay in the shipment of your first order.

3.5 Items no longer available In the event that an item already ordered is no longer available, the company TRAMAROSSA srl through the site TRAMAROSSA.IT undertakes to send a communication by email to the customer’s address informing them that it is impossible to send the ordered goods. The customer will then be able to choose whether to have the full amount paid credited to their bank account or credit card as soon as possible or, possibly, receive a prepaid Coupon to be used for the next order. By logging directly into their personal area, Customers can view information about the status of their order.

3.6 Shipment Insurance TRAMAROSSA srl shipments made through the TRAMAROSSA.IT website are insured against theft and accidental damage. Once the shipment reaches its destination the insurance loses its validity.

3.7 Authorized Shipment Delivery Upon arrival of the goods, Customers are requested to carefully inspect the package before affixing a signature as proof of delivery of the shipment. TRAMAROSSA Ltd. packages are carefully packed in white-colored packages with tape placed around the package. If, for any reason, the package appears tampered with or if the adhesive tape is not intact, Customers are requested to sign the receipt with reservation, or they may refuse the delivery. In the event that the delivery was accepted with an unauthorized signature or there is evidence of tampering with the package, Customers are requested to report the incident immediately and contact TRAMAROSSA srl through the TRAMAROSSA.IT website at [email protected] within 5 days. If for any reason the shipment fails to be successfully delivered to the address provided by the Customer in the commercial contract, the package is likely to be returned to the sender at the Customer’s expense. These amounts will be deducted from any refund due to the Customer by the company TRAMAROSSA srl through the TRAMAROSSA.IT website.

3.8 Undeliverability of the shipment In case of non-delivery of the shipment, after the second delivery attempt, SDA automatically sends to the sender the Opening File of the Practice of Undeliverability, stating the reason for non-delivery and the request for instructions for release. The customer will also have the opportunity to view the Opening Dossier of the Practice of Stock and the status of their order directly at www.sda.it. In the absence of provisions from the end customer, the company TRAMAROSSA srl through the website TRAMAROSSA.IT reserves the right to request the return of the goods after 3 working days. We remind you that all storage costs are borne by the Customer, as well as the cost of any redelivery/return to the sender.

3.9 Shipping Documents As required by international trade regulations, all shipments made by courier by order given by TRAMAROSSA srl are shipped by SARCEDO with an official invoice declaring the exact value in Euro of the items shipped. It is illegal to declare lower or different amounts than the actual amounts or to request that items be declared as gifts.

4 – Returns and Refunds

4.1 How to make a return The company TRAMAROSSA srl through the website TRAMAROSSA.IT has developed a simple and convenient return procedure to make your online shopping experience enjoyable even if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. Purchased products can be returned to TRAMAROSSA srl through the TRAMAROSSA.IT website within 14 days from the date of delivery. The official procedure to follow in case of return is as follows: 1) Make sure that the products are in the same condition as you received them, with all tags attached and intact. 2) Make sure that the blue safety cord is still attached to the garment. Items that are returned without this blue lanyard will not be refunded. 3) Complete the Return Form you will find online specifying the items you intend to return. You will receive your return number and confirmation to return the merchandise from WWW.TRAMAROSSA.IT. 4) Book the pickup of the package to be returned by contacting your trusted courier, by phone or online, within 14 days from the date of delivery of the product to agree on the pickup date. The return service (being done with your trusted courier at your expense ) is FREE and any theft or loss will be your sole responsibility. Please note that we can only refund correctly returned products. If the return does not meet the conditions listed, the company TRAMAROSSA srl through its website TRAMAROSSA.IT will not be able to make a refund and the package will be sent back to you. You can always check the status of your return in the personal area. We also remind you that: We only accept returns that originate from the country from which the order was placed. Items returned without the blue security cord will not be refunded.

The company TRAMAROSSA ltd reserves the right to inspect the returned merchandise and assess any costs for restocking depending on the condition of the merchandise. TRAMAROSSA Ltd. reserves the right to request photographic support if necessary for the evaluation of the return procedure.


5.1 Coupons If you have a personal discount code, you may use it at the time of payment by entering it in the “APPLY COUPON” section provided. This will allow you to have a discount on purchases equal to the value of the coupon you have or a percentage discount on purchases.

5.2 Other possible promotions and discount codes Other promotions may be made, or discount codes sent, depending on what is communicated on the Web pages of the WWW.TRAMAROSSA.IT site.

6 – Site Policy.

6.1 Items and images online The company TRAMAROSSA srl through the website TRAMAROSSA.IT disclaims any responsibility in the event that, due to a particular configuration of the computer used by the Customer or its malfunction, the colors of the products displayed on the site show slight differences from the original ones. The images contained on the TRAMAROSSA.IT website are the property of TRAMAROSSA srl . Any use of such images not authorized by a written consent from TRAMAROSSA srl will be prosecuted according to law. For more information you may contact: [email protected]

6.2 Availability of Items The assortment on TRAMAROSSA.IT reflects the exact availability of each item by size and color. In fact, the website is linked to the company’s warehouse. Once the order request is received, the Order Department of TRAMAROSSA srl through its website TRAMAROSSA.IT reserves the right to reconfirm the availability of the purchased items, verify the validity of the transaction and the details of previous transactions made by the Customer on TRAMAROSSA.IT. In the event that the items ordered are not available, or if for some reason the order cannot be processed as per the Customer’s request, the Orders department of the company TRAMAROSSA srl through the website TRAMAROSSA.IT will promptly notify the Customer.

6.3 Legal Terms This notice contains the legal terms and conditions governing the TRAMAROSSA.IT website. By accessing the TRAMAROSSA.IT website, users agree to accept and comply with all the conditions contained in this statement. The company TRAMAROSSA srl through the TRAMAROSSA.IT website reserves the right to ask Users who do not accept, or do not intend to comply with these terms, to refrain from using the TRAMAROSSA.IT website. Access to the site and its services is intended for personal use only. Viewing the TRAMAROSSA.IT website provides Customers with information on the products offered along with the possibility of purchasing them.

6.4 Ownership/Copyright & Trademark TRAMAROSSA.IT and all its content is the property of TRAMAROSSA srl. This includes documentation, images, fonts, design, music, software, code and format scripts. The material contained on the website is protected by copyright. For this reason, any reproduction, alteration, transmission, publication, or redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without the express written consent provided by TRAMAROSSA srl. TRAMAROSSA srl prohibits the use of the content or trademarks on the site for any purpose or end other than those mentioned above.

6.5 Commercial Policy  TRAMAROSSA srl reserves the right to refuse an order in the event that its bank is unable to receive verification from the Customer’s bank. TRAMAROSSA ltd reserves the right to refuse orders or refuse to provide services to anyone at any time.

6.6 End Customers TRAMAROSSA srl has created and published the TRAMAROSSA.IT website with the aim of offering a service reserved exclusively for its Customers. The products for sale on the TRAMAROSSA.IT website are intended for the End Consumer. By End Consumer, TRAMAROSSA srl means a natural person acting for purposes unrelated to their business or professional activity, an activity that may include but not be limited to the resale of goods purchased on TRAMAROSSA.IT. TRAMAROSSA srl therefore invites users who are not attributable to the category of Final Consumers to refrain both from attempting to establish business relationships with TRAMAROSSA srl , and from placing purchase orders for goods for sale through third parties. In view of the commercial policy described above, TRAMAROSSA srl reserves the right not to process orders for goods whose use is not intended for the End Consumer or orders that do not comply with the commercial policies described above. In order to place orders on TRAMAROSSA.IT, Customers must: 1) Be at least 18 years old. 2) Be eligible to enter into legally binding contracts. 3) Have a valid e-mail address. 4) Possess a valid credit card for payment.

6.7 Declination of Liability TRAMAROSSA Ltd. publishes information on its site in order to provide a service to its customers. However, it disclaims any responsibility regarding the possibility of any technical or factual inaccuracies and/or typographical errors for which immediate correction is expected upon notification. It also reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the site whenever it deems necessary without giving prior notice. It makes no warranty as to the conformity of the information published on its site with the laws under the jurisdiction of the Client’s country of residence. It disclaims any liability relating to any problems, damages or risks that the user may encounter while using the site. Guarantees that its site TRAMAROSSA.IT is protected according to the international standards provided for the Internet. If used correctly, the User is protected from the risk of viruses. It disclaims any responsibility regarding any malfunctions related to the deactivation of cookies in the User’s browser. It reserves the right to amend/revise the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice, through an update of the same, whenever it deems appropriate, without any obligation to give prior notice. You are required to abide by the terms contained in this legal notice by periodically checking for updates, changes and corrections.

6.8 Italian Law The website TRAMAROSSA.IT, adhering to the Italian legislation, in particular to the Court of VICENZA, declares, “Users accessing this website declare that they agree that all matters relating to the use of the website TRAMAROSSA.IT shall be governed by the current legislation of the Italian State. They also declare that they submit exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Court of Vicenza for the aforementioned matters. TRAMAROSSA srl does not guarantee in any way that the content of the site complies with the regulations in force in other countries. Access to the TRAMAROSSA.IT site from places where its contents are considered illegal is expressly prohibited. Users who decide to access the site from such countries are fully aware of the legal consequences and penalties they risk incurring and will be solely responsible for compliance with local laws.”

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